Axe Body Spray attempts to attract women with Social Media.

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Axe has been marketing to men since their introduction to the United States in 2002.  A typical ad has been a classic scenario of nerdy guy before he sprays Axe getting no action from the ladies and then after he sprays on Axe he becomes a chick magnet. 

Well now they are expanding on their demo and starting to market an Axe body spray to women.  They have created a robust Social Media campaign called Anarchy.  This campaign consists of a real-time, user-generated graphic novel.  In other words, you write what happens next and Axe will publish the excerpt.  You can go to YouTube, Twitter or Facebook to engage in this extensive promotion.

Here is my question:

Will the Axe strategy of marketing to women work?

Let’s assume their target demo is women 18-24.  I did a little research, on this demo, in Nielsen @Plan.  This is what I came up with…women 18-24 who have purchased deodorant or a fragrance within the last 6 months are 12% less likely to collect comic books.  However, the male counterpart target is 51% more likely to collect comic books.  Traditionally speaking, men are more into comic books than women. 

Coming from an agency that specializes in marketing to women, I can say using Social Media was the right avenue to market to women.  Those same women (as above) are utilizing and more engaged on social networks than the men.  Men are 8%* less likely to make a comment or post on a social network, whereas women are 26%* more likely to comment or post.  

I personally like comic books.  However, reaching the masses, I’m just not sure their creative strategy will work.  This makes me wonder if they have a male creative team who may not know what women want.  Do you think the strategy will work?



*Source: Nielsen @Plan


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One of the biggest mysteries to crack since immemorial time is female psychology.Guys are always trying to find techniques how to attract women.In recent years, men have thought that they should have big muscles and a lot of money in order to make women want them. In fact, this has been the theme communicated by most media outlets. Whether online or on TV, you see men projected to be Get Womenattractive when they have muscles and money.

I agree, muscles and money are not the route to attract women in the media. We are bit smarter than that. For the most part, I think the media is trying really hard to market to women properly. However, there are still a few folks off-target (for example Axe Body Spray).

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