Healthcare marketing - social media boosts organ donor drive.

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Through my work in organ donation healthcare marketing over many years, I have learned that organ donation is a topic that people either don't want to think about - or one that is near and dear to their hearts. I fall into the latter category. You can't hear the life-changing stories from organ recipients and families of organ donors and ever be the same. Which is why I'm so excited about the opportunity to use social media tools to extend the Donor Drive 2010 message for our long-time client, The Gift of Life Michigan.


Part of the problem with getting people to sign up has been getting them to take the time to register online (btw, just signing your driver's license is not enough!). Hence, this quick-read, yet multi-functional microsite is designed to make it VERY simple. The widget allows you to sign up right there. You can share the widget via Facebook and Twitter. Email messages can be sent to family and friends letting them know you've just registered and encouraging them to follow suit. You can see the total count of registered donors, even by county. Compelling recipient and family donor video testimonials and opportunity to share your own organ donation story provide the emotional connection to seal the deal.

It's only been a couple of weeks and already over 5000 widget impressions and over 125 widget installs. Help share the gift of life. Sign up on the widget below and share the widget.

And know that you've made a difference. Just one donor can save or improve the lives of 50 people. And there are thousands in Michigan just waiting for your help.

Let us know your thoughts on this social media strategy and any other successful cause social media strategies you've used.


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Great campaign! Lots of luck with goal. We're looking forward to working with you on the Amber Alert project.

Do you find the social media needs a boost from electronic media or that it becomes viral on it's own?



Thank you! The answer to your social media boost question varies. In this case, Gift of Life did supplement with some traditional media for the Donor Drive. Sometimes we utilize blogger outreach to help launch a social media campaign. It's always great when a campaign goes viral, but can never really be guaranteed! Looking forward to the Amber Alert project as well - another great cause!
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