Innovative healthcare marketing example #8.

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I like this Abilify ad for a simple reason. The cute grey blob. He symbolizes depression, which is not so cute, but somehow Abilify has made him kind of endearing. He's in every cartoon frame, following the not-as-depressed-as-she-was lady around, signifying to us that her depression is always there. In some way, shape or form. He starts out as a black hole she falls into, but once she gets out, he becomes smaller and shorter, as she gets her depression under control.

By the end of the spot, it's clear this lady is the boss as she picnics with her family and he flattens into a grey blob on the ground. I like the simplicity of the imagery that gets this rather distressing disease information across in a light, original way. It's also  clever how the advertiser gets all the disclaimer blah blah out while showing the cute grey blob sitting on a chair taking notes on the disclaimer info with her, bobbing along on the family walk to the picnic site, etc. 

I can't say I know a lot about the drug effectiveness (altho people have posted some pretty nasty YouTube comments), but I can say this is an effective spot. Take a look and let me know if you agree.



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