What new social media music platform means for media buyers.

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I ran across a Mashable article the other day about a new social media platform for music artists. Well, it’s really not new. It’s called Posted and it launched last year as medium for artists to share updates with fans. Posted was launched by the MTV Music Group. It’s relevant today, as they are making tweaks to the platform and adding a user (or fan) generated content portion. Fans will be able to upload photos, video and more. It’s a two-way street that can bring a fan closer to their favorite artist.  

I thought this was interesting from an advertisers’ standpoint; because now I know an audience will probably be spending more time on the site. And if I have a branding message that I’d like to get out to the: MTV, VH1 or CMT audience it’s a perfect place to be.

There are two ad units on the page. They are located above the fold and can be companion ads. These ads look clean and less cluttered than other sites. From my point of view, it’s pretty cool that I can post a photo from the Usher concert and in the same location he (Usher of course) can post information about his concert in Detroit.  It’s also an added bonus that my clients’ ads can be seen next to that same content. 

What do you think of the evolving platform? And how do you think the ad units look?

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