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Social media promotions for mom.


It’s been a crazy past two weeks. Tornadoes ravaged the south, record-breaking flooding in the mid-west, a Royal Wedding last Friday, and Bin Laden’s death on Sunday. The media has been in overdrive.

But for the average American consumer, this weekend is all about moms. While #mothersday will be trending on Sunday, companies have used Facebook and Twitter to offer deals, market brands, and keep social advocacy up – all in the name of moms.


Some brands used discounts such as free shipping or discount rates to entice consumers to buy gifts for mom online. Others used promotions from bloggers in the community.

Amazon offered free 1-Day shipping in the U.S. on jewelry and watches on Facebook, while Amazon Kindle offered a free gift card for purchasing a Kindle on Twitter. Using this tactic of free shipping/gift cards can lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can lead to more consumer sales later.

AmazonKindle mother's day

Walmart promoted their Build a Basket Beauty Center on their Facebook by using a recommendation written by a mommy blogger. A blogger’s endorsement of a product or service gives it more authority and trust.

Walmart Mother's Day

Living Social even marketed directly to moms by providing a Living Social Beauty Package. Marketing to moms bypasses targeting the kids and/or husbands.


Other brands used a sweepstakes to pull in more ‘likes’ and increase their brand presence on Facebook.

@Target held a sweepstakes to win products from Giada De Laurentiis for mom. The link takes you to their Facebook page which lets you enter the sweepstakes, after you like them first. This tactic increases fanbase.

Kohl’s has a brag about mom contest, where if your picture is picked, you are featured for a week, with the contest stopping on Mother’s Day. The ultimate reward is $500 Kohl’s gift card.

Social Advocacy for Moms

At least one group used a Mother’s Day gift as a way to help fund a social cause.

The Breast Cancer Awareness page is offering Mother’s Day specials to help fund mammograms. Non-profits can increase funds by using creative, nontraditional tactics to fundraise.

Breast Cancer Mother's Day

Did you cash in on any deals for Mother’s Day?

Shining a light on breast cancer awareness.


The historic Peabody Mansion, the home of Brogan & Partners, is usually a sight to see in yellow, but this October we’re going pink. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So we wanted to raise awareness for breast cancer, honor Michigan survivors and remember those who lost their lives.


B&P in the pink

This cause is very near and dear to us. On a professional level, we have a strong passion for healthcare marketing. And on a personal level, our Managing Partner, Ellyn Davidson, is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with the disease 3 years ago and beat it. Her organization, Ta Ta Breast Cancer (a group of Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day walkers), has raised over $290,000 for breast cancer research and treatment. Our agency is dedicated to supporting this cause for her and for all women out there who must face this disease.

We hope that our pink lights will be a small step in supporting the cause and increasing awareness to many. All of us here at Brogan & Partners are looking forward to a brighter (pinker) tomorrow for women’s health.

Non-viral healthcare marketing.


I blogged  a couple months ago about the "pink glove dance" -- the so-cute breast cancer awareness video starring dancing hospital employees of all kinds-- that every healthcare marketer watched with envy (except its creators at Providence St. Vincent) as it spiraled to over 6 million YouTube views.  A marketing phenomenon of viral proportions.  Followed by the next marketing phenomenon: Colleagues saying, "We should do something like the pink glove dance!" Problem is while you can try to "go viral", you can't plan or guarantee viral.  Take for instance, this wannabe from another hospital.


I give them credit for trying, but it just doesn't have that pink glove viral quality. What do you think?

Innovative healthcare marketing - in pink.


Just when you thought you'd seen it all for breast health awareness, here's a video that takes a different twist and is sure to make you smile. Or maybe dance in your seat. It's employee engagement at its finest. Social media to the max - with close to 600,000 YouTube views. Talk about the power of brand ambassadors! Kudos to Providence  St. Vincent Medical Center for this piece of refreshing, innovative healthcare marketing.

So tell me... did it get you rockin' or smilin'?

Cause marketing gone pink.


Awhile back, I wrote a blog post about cause marketing which sparked a bit of discussion.  I'm a pretty big fan of cause marketing from both a consumer point-of-view and a marketer point-of-view.  I understand that some organizations may be capitalizing on a cause for a few extra bucks but I have to believe most have only good intentions. 

I think about cause marketing a lot particularly during the month of October also known as Pinktober.  It's hard not to notice especially as a breast cancer survivor.  This morning, I was out running a few errands, and I went to 4 places. I was pretty much blown away with what I saw, and I kept kicking myself for leaving my camera at home.  My first stop was Target where I resisted buying most of the pink products but could not pass up the Multi-Grain Cheerios with the big Komen logo on the front.  Congratulations General Mills, it's been at least 5 years since I purchased this product and you caught my attention. 

My next stop was Beauty First and had I needed a new flat iron, I would have been all over the pink one also benefiting breast cancer.  After that, I went to Panera where it took a lot to pass up the pink bagel (I've tried them before and they are delicious btw) but I opted for a bowl of soup instead.  And my last stop was Caribou for my after lunch coffee.  They've named a whole program for Amy, a Barista, who lost her battle at age 33.  So yes, during October, it's hard to go anywhere without being surrounded in pink and I'll happily support those that support breast cancer.  They've made a connection to me whether their donation is big or small, whether it funds mammograms, research, treatment or anything in between. 

I love my collection of pink products and I love knowing that I supported my favorite cause.  Found any cool pink products that you couldn't live without?  Post a comment and share them with me.


Are breast cancer ads clever marketing or do they go too far?


Working on breast cancer awareness lately has kept my attention on, well, you can imagine, certain anatomical attributes of people on the street. My creative team was questioning ourselves if we were getting too daring in our messaging. Enter the following story on some breast cancer TV spots on the morning show Good Morning America.

Tv commercial

They ask if the creators of these spots have gone too far or if people respond to more intense messaging. What do you think? I think people are desensitized by much of the boring ads out there, so creative people need to continually reinvent ways to break through. I'm encouraged to stay daring. We'll see how our client reacts to our concepts and if they agree with us.

Support my favorite cause and I'll support you -- cause marketing is a powerful force.


In a recent blog post, Laurie Hix explained quite clearly the difference between social media, social marketing and cause marketing.  She's covered some great social marketing examples and our sister company, Ignite Social Media, has lots of examples of great social media marketing.  But we haven't talked too much about cause marketing. 

This past weekend, I walked the Michigan Breast Cancer 3-Day.  That's right 60 miles over the course of 3 days and yes it was pushing 90 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.  Since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I always support companies that support breast cancer.  I think most people touched by this disease feel the same way.  BTW, I don't limit my support to breast cancer.  If a company is donating to any charity that's important to me, I feel they deserve my business. 

As I was walking, I thought about the impact of the recession on charities. (I had lots of time to think about all kinds of things.)  The Michigan Breast Cancer 3-Day raised 4.7 million dollars this year.  Seems like a lot but it's under 70% of what was raised last year.  They have some great national and some local sponsors too like Superior Ambulance--the 3-Day wouldn't be the same without them.


But overall, what's happening in the cause marketing world and what does the future hold?  Are companies pulling their support in tough economic times and is this a smart marketing move?  I decided to do a bit more research on this topic and found an interesting blog post about the Power of Cause Marketing.  I'm happy to see that consumers feel very strongly about corporate participation with charities.  But I hope the companies continue to see the value.  What if they don't see an immediate lift in sales? Is brand recognition and brand preference equally as importat today as it once was?  These are tough questions.  I'm quick to buy anything with a pink ribbon but do the masses feel the same way when money is tight?   How can non profits help show for profits the value gained by their relationship?  Post a comment and share your thoughts with me. 

21 creative social marketing campaigns.


I love finding brilliant advertising creative that makes me wish I thought of it. And I especially love it, when it’s for a client that’s trying to make the world a better place. That’s what social marketing is all about. And because it’s only “sell” is to try to get us to change our behaviors or attitudes about something, it can be powerful when done well.

In this blog series, I will write about 21 creative social marketing campaigns I admire. If you have any favorite campaigns to add to this list, leave me a comment and link, and I will check it out. 21 creative social marketing campaigns.

  1. Above the Influence
  2. Amnesty International
  3. American Stroke Association
  4. Boys and Girls Club
  5. Children’s and Adolescents Reference Center
  6. the truth
  7. Covenant House
  8. Invent Now
  9. Land Transport New Zealand
  10. Looking Glass Foundation
  11. My Sister’s Place
  12. Nike Foundation
  13. Parkinson’s Society Canada
  14. Partnership for a Drug-free America
  15. obesity prevention
  16. stop land mines
  17. thinkb4yourspeak
  18. Michigan Department of Community Health
  19. World Wildlife Fund
  20. United Nations Campaign
  21. United Way

If you would like to check out 26 social media examples in detail check out Lisa Braziel’s blog at our sister company Ignite Social Media.

If you’re not sure what’s the difference between social marketing and social media, check out my post on that subject.

Social media and nonprofits example #1 - The Breast Cancer 3-Day.



It's only fitting that I start my social media nonprofit blog series with the Breast Cancer 3-Day--an organization that is very close to my heart.  I'm a 3-Day walker and extremely passionate about raising money for Breast Cancer.  I spend a lot of time posting on my personal breast cancer blog about my efforts to raise money and my excitement about the big event.  The Breast Cancer 3-Day made a slam dunk when they contacted me and asked me if I would be an online ambassador.  I happily agreed, accepted my badge with honor and posted a blog about my fundraising efforts right away.  Within hours, my blog traffic shot up and I found they had linked to my blog on their Facebook page.  This inspired me to continue writing creating a win-win scenario.

Facebook fundraising application

The Breast Cancer 3-Day just recently launched a brand new application--I think it's great.  It works really well and posts in my news feed whenever I get a donation giving my friends updates on my fundraising progress.  Just yesterday I got a donation from a Facebook friend who I'm sure saw the post in her news feed.  Great addition to their social media work. Would love to see if they can link the news feed message directly back to my fundraising page.  


Social Networks

The Breast Cancer 3-Day has lots of places for discussion and interaction between walkers, crew and staff.  The 3-Day message boards are very active with posts on everything from personal stories, fundraising, training and what to pack.  There are lots of similar discussions on the Facebook fan page which has over 20,000 fans.  The benefit of the Fan page is the ability to post links to blogs, articles, videos and news stories and they do a great job of that.  There are also lots of active discussions on this page.  There's a small group on LinkedIn which doesn't seem overly active with a little over 300 members.

fireshot-capture-_3-3-day-message-board-__-index-tools_the3day_org_messageboards_index_php_sid14e325fe09466ee0dbc2ec8d0e9295de.png fireshot-capture-_4-facebook-i-breast-cancer-3-day-www_facebook_com_officialbreastcancer3day_refts__officialbreastcancer3day_vwallviewas619357579refts.png


The 3-Day Twitter page has close to 3,000 followers with lots of ongoing discussion, links to blogs, retweets and announcements about upcoming events.

YouTube and Flikr

I was glad to see so many videos on the YouTube channel and photos on the Flikr site.  Both provide lots of visuals to really show the experience.  Nothing beats being there, but I have to imagine the videos and photos inspire future walkers and donors.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Breast Cancer 3-Day is doing a great job facilitating conversations and generating excitement about the events through their supporters.  As the 2009 walks approach, I'm curious to see what 2010 brings and how they will continue to inspire their ambassadors and supporters.  Would love to hear what you think about their efforts.  Post a comment and share your thoughts.

Social media and non-profit blog series.


Last week, I spoke at the Social Media Breakfast in Toledo on social media and nonprofits.  I was particularly excited about this topic because it was the nonprofit world that launched me from traditional advertising into the fun and constantly changing world of social media.  I loved doing research for this talk and seeing how all sorts of nonprofits are engaging with their communities in the social sphere.  Many have made decent entries into the world and some are making baby steps.  Over the next few months, I'll share what these nonprofits are doing in my social media and nonprofit blog series. Here's a short clip from my talk followed by a list of the first 10 nonprofits I will highlight.

Breast Cancer 3-Day

American Cancer Society

United States Humane Society

Susan G. Komen

American Red Cross

Ad Council

Pickens Plan


Nothing but Nets

Autism Speaks

Got any thoughts about others you would like to see, leave me a comment and I'll check them out.

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