Marketing to Women

We understand
the female brain.
It's in our DNA.


If you are looking to increase market share and ROI, leveraging the purchasing power of women could be your competitive advantage. Today, women control 85% of brand purchases. As a female-owned and managed agency, we have a genetic advantage. But we won't rest on our chromosomes. Our expertise is based on our experience and proven success over 30 years. We excel at creating innovative campaigns that emotionally connect with women. Our strategic process of 360 Degree Connectivity is how we help brands build business and loyalty with this powerful group. Science proves that men's and women's brains operate differently. We study these differences, the evolving market trends and what that means for brands today. We know what women want—how they think, shop and share. And we know how to help brands engage with them. So if you want the power of women's pocketbooks in your pocket, we're the man for the job.

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